Push News

Post news to the given REST end point
POST /api/v1/push-news/{GROUP_NAME}/{DAYS} HTTP/1.1
Replace GROUP_NAME with the Group Name and DAYS with the number of days for which news have to be posted.
Maximum number of days can be 5
You’ll have to pass the REST end point URL to which news have to be posted in HTTP header with the name callback-url.
Response body
"response": "response"
Response received from the callback-url after posting the news
News are posted in the JSON format
"group": "group_name",
"postedDate": "posted_date",
"news": [
"id": "new_id",
"publisher": "news_publisher",
"title": "new_title",
"url": "new_url",
"desc": "news_desc",
"publishDate": "news_published_date",
"companies": [
"id": "Intellizence_company_id"
"triggers": ["trigger"]